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Position Number:  00035520

Description Activated On:  11/7/2023 11:47:06 AM

Position Purpose:
Describe the primary purpose of this position and how it contributes to the organization’s objectives. Example: Provides clerical and office support within the Division to ensure its operations are conducted efficiently and effectively. 

The Historical Marker and Diversity Coordinator is responsible for managing the PHMC’s Historical Marker Program as well as coordinating across all the PA State Historic Preservation Office’s (PA SHPO) program areas to develop strategies for preserving and sharing a more inclusive and representative record of Pennsylvania’s history. The position oversees the development and implementation of projects and programs to advance PA SHPO efforts to better identify, document, and celebrate the diverse stories and places in Pennsylvania in accordance with PHMC’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Policy. This position is located in the PA SHPO which is a bureau of the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC).

Description of Duties:
Describe in detail the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Descriptions should include the major end result of the task. Example: Types correspondence, reports, and other various documents from handwritten drafts for review and signature of the supervisor.

Historical Marker Program
Duties are executed throughout the year. 60% of FTE
Implements the PHMC’s Historical Marker Policy.
Assists nominators with the preparation of historical marker nominations through one-on-one correspondence and the development of training programs such as webinars and public presentations.
Coordinates the processing, review, and evaluation of historical marker nominations.
Organizes and leads staff historical marker committee meetings and assists with annual review of marker nominations by the agency’s independent review panel.
Identifies and submits candidates for the Marker Review panel for approval by PHMC Commissioner and maintains an active list of prospective candidates.
Prepares the annual list of panel recommendations for approval by the Commission.
Manages the manufacture and delivery of historical markers through appropriate private manufacturers and ensures that budgeted funds are properly managed.
Supervises the scheduling of historical marker dedications, including verification and preparation of marker text, coordination of text preparation with appropriate PHMC staff if necessary, management of relations with various nominators and local sponsors, funding, and public relations.
Develops contracts with private vendors to provide fabrication services, condition survey and maintenance services to the historical marker program.
Supervises contract management, including scheduling of fabrication services; condition survey projects; maintenance contractor responsible for routine maintenance, installations, and emergency repairs; insurance claims; marker supplies; and manages budget.
Maintains the organization and maintenance of historical marker records in PA-SHARE and Marker Search feature, historical marker files, including marker maintenance records and the conversion of all records to electronic formats.
Prepares and updates historical marker program material for marker section of PHMC web page in coordination with SHPO Communications staff and PHMC web master.
Coordinates periodic evaluations of the historical marker program and makes recommendations for updating and improving the program.
Implements program initiatives such as educational and outreach programs, Farm Show Scavenger Hunt, replacement of missing markers and identification and nomination of subjects to address overlooked categories and regions.
Reviews and approves historical marker image requests for trademark purposes.

Diversity Projects
Duties are project-specific and are executed throughout the year. 40% of FTE
Develops strategies to leverage PA SHPO’s programs to advance the PHMC’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access (DEIA) Policy.
Works across PA SHPO program areas to create projects, programming, and information to further diversity and inclusion in historic preservation.
Coordinates the development and implementation of an annual diversity in historic preservation plan for the PA SHPO.
Develops, evaluates, and monitors progress of the PA SHPO’s diversity strategies to engage broad audiences.
Research best practices that address challenges to DEIA in the historic preservation field.
Facilitates multicultural education and training, presentations, and programs for PA SHPO staff, Pennsylvania’s historic preservation community, and other partners.
Makes recommendations on policies and procedures to implement the PHMC’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Policy within the PA SHPO.
Prepares grant applications to seek funding opportunities, as available, to implement diversity strategies.
Serves as a lead for diversity initiatives including the PA SHPO’s ongoing proactive efforts to identify and address thematic and geographic gaps in Pennsylvania’s cultural resources data. Duties may include writing scopes of work and overseeing contractor deliverables.

Special Projects
Duties are project-specific or routine work and are executed throughout the year. 10% of FTE
Prepares articles, publications, promotional materials for PA SHPO blog, PA Heritage magazine, Annual Reports about PA SHPO diversity initiatives and historical marker program outcomes.
Participates in the PA SHPO’s staff committee to evaluate historic properties to determine National Register eligibility.
Supervises the work of summer interns to help advance PHMC-PA SHPO diversity and/or historical maker program goals.
Undertakes appropriate research and writing projects as directed.
Attends and contributes to staff meetings.
Incumbent is responsible to be familiar with PHMC general safety rules and safety rules specific to this position; for working in a safe manner and following all PHMC safety rules; immediately report all workplace injuries or incidents to their supervisor; and to immediately correct any safety hazards in the work area or report same to supervisor.

Decision Making:
Describe the types of decisions made by the incumbent of this position and the types of decisions referred to others. Identify the problems or issues that can be resolved at the level of this position, versus those that must be referred to the supervisor. Example: In response to a customer inquiry, this work involves researching the status of an activity and preparing a formal response for the supervisor’s signature.

1. Oversee internal and external working committees to achieve diversity and historical marker program goals.
2. Organize, analyze, and synthesize data and information to address gaps and opportunities in PA SHPO programs.
3. Based on an assessment of public inquiry, provides direct guidance and instruction on application procedures, regulations, and any related program criteria to marker nominators.
4. Make decisions on which markers are to be maintained by vendor each year.
5. Decide on final text of new markers and submits to supervisor.
6. Direct and approve work of maintenance and fabrication contractors.
7. Authorize marker dedication programs and printed materials.
8. Determine if trademark requests are consistent with PHMC policy.
9. Determine appropriate responses to inquiries from the public.

Requirements Profile: Identify any specific experience or requirements, such as a licensure, registration, or certification, which may be necessary to perform the functions of the position. Position-specific requirements should be consistent with a Special Requirement or other criteria identified in the classification specification covering this position. Example: Experience using Java; Professional Engineer License


o Meet or exceed the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for History, Architectural History or Archaeology.
o Prior academic and/or professional experience to interpret and analyze the cultural, economic, geographic, political and social relations of Pennsylvania history
o Demonstrable experience interpreting and applying National Park Service guidance and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties
o Demonstrate excellent ability working with a team of individuals and overseeing group work
o Experience in or personal commitment to diversity outreach and facilitation, and some knowledge of or interest in cultural heritage preservation of diverse communities.
o Completed training or course work in diversity and inclusion in the field of cultural heritage
o Excellent computer and word processing skills using MS Office products and data management systems such as PA-SHARE

Licenses, registrations, or certifications:




Essential Functions
: Provide a list of essential functions for this position. Example: Transports boxes weighing up to 60 pounds.
 1. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
 2. Manage projects effectively and meet deadlines
 3. Work across program areas and maintain effective working relationships
 4. Travel as required
 5. Compile, interpret, and communicate complex information
 6. Organize and conduct meetings and trainings
 7. Prepare program information, reports and correspondence
 8. Synthesize financial information related to invoices and reimbursements
 9. Ability to lift 40 lbs
 10. Use a personal computer and associated software