Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Position Number:  00233737

Description Activated On:  2/2/2024 2:24:16 PM

Position Purpose:
Describe the primary purpose of this position and how it contributes to the organization’s objectives. Example: Provides clerical and office support within the Division to ensure its operations are conducted efficiently and effectively. 

The Eastern Region Community Preservation Coordinator is responsible for a comprehensive range of technical assistance including delivery of the PA State Historic Preservation Office’s (PA SHPO) programs within a defined region. The Eastern PA Community Preservation Coordinator regularly collaborates with state and regional partners as well as provides guidance and training to municipalities and local organizations. The position also has responsibilities under the SHPO PennDOT work plan.

Description of Duties:
Describe in detail the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Descriptions should include the major end result of the task. Example: Types correspondence, reports, and other various documents from handwritten drafts for review and signature of the supervisor.

Regional Technical Assistance
Duties are project-specific or routine work and are executed throughout the year. 50% of FTE

o Administers the PA Historical & Museum Commission’s responsibilities under the Pennsylvania Historic District Act.
o Assists municipalities with developing historic preservation plans and ordinances under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.
o Promotes the PA SHPO’s programs to assist with community preservation including Keystone grants, historic resource surveys, the National Register of Historic Places, Historic District Act, federal and state Historic Preservation Tax Credits, and Pennsylvania’s Historic and Archaeological Resource Exchange (PA-SHARE).
o Provides technical assistance to nonprofit partners, municipalities, and organizations to support their efforts in promoting community/neighborhood revitalization and economic development through the maintenance, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of historic buildings.
o Evaluates resources to determine National Register eligibility to support other SHPO program areas, as needed.
o Provides guidance to municipalities regarding the administration of local historic districts including advising Boards of Historical Architectural Review, Historic Review Commissions, and Planning Commissions.
o Plans, organizes, and delivers historic preservation outreach, programming, and training.
o Reviews and comments on legislation impacting historic resources, municipal comprehensive plans, local ordinances, grant applications, and PHMC grant-funded projects, as needed.
o Researches, writes and/or edits magazine articles, publications, technical, and web-based materials for use by the public and the PHMC’s preservation partners.
o Travels to participate in meetings, responds to public inquiries, conducts site visits to collect and share information, and advises partners.
o Attends and participates in continuing education opportunities, as approved, to be knowledgeable of current issues and programs related to, or that may interface with, historic/cultural preservation.
o Other professional responsibilities as assigned by the Division Chief.

Certified Local Government Program
Duties are cyclical throughout the year. 25% of FTE

o Assists in the administration of the federal Certified Local Government Program.
o Provides guidance to municipalities interested in becoming a Certified Local Government.
o Administers the Certified Local Government Grant program.
o Reviews and scores annual Certified Local Government Grant applications.
o Monitors Certified Local Government grants and reviews grant products.
o Evaluates one-quarter of Certified Local Governments annually within the region.

Statewide Partner Assistance
Duties are project-specific or routine work and are executed throughout the year. 10% of FTE

o Collaborates with statewide partner organizations such as Preservation Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Downtown Center, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, Pennsylvania’s Heritage Areas, as well as others on strategies for heritage resource protection and community revitalization.
o Participates in environmental review consulting party meetings, as needed.
o Participates in development and implementation of the statewide historic preservation plan, as needed.
o Completes annual PennDOT work plan tasks, as required.

Education and Guidance
Duties are project-specific or routing work and are executed throughout the year. 15% FTE

o Lead on coordinating updates of SHPO’s preservation planning and related guidance.
o Works with Education and Outreach Coordinator to update additional SHPO written materials as needed.
o Prepares articles, publications, promotional materials for PA SHPO blog, PA Heritage magazine, Annual Reports.
o Prepares and updates community preservation section of PHMC web page in coordination with SHPO Communications staff and PHMC web master.
o Coordinates the development and implementation of strategies for community preservation in the statewide historic preservation plan.
o Undertakes appropriate research and writing projects as directed.

Decision Making:
Describe the types of decisions made by the incumbent of this position and the types of decisions referred to others. Identify the problems or issues that can be resolved at the level of this position, versus those that must be referred to the supervisor. Example: In response to a customer inquiry, this work involves researching the status of an activity and preparing a formal response for the supervisor’s signature.

1. In response to public inquiries, research the status of historic properties and prepare a formal response.
2. Based on an assessment of public inquiry, provide direct guidance and instruction on SHPO programs and any related program criteria.
3. Organize, analyze, and synthesize data and information to address gaps and opportunities in PA SHPO programs.
4. Make decisions on which Certified Local Governments are to be evaluated each year.
5. Provide information and guidance to partners including government agencies, not for profit organizations, and other local groups on historic places, conducting historic resource surveys, preparing National Register nominations, PA-SHARE, resources/incentives available for completing preservation projects, and developing related programs and activities.
6. Prepare comments on historic preservation projects, plans, and ordinances.
7. Conduct site visits and organizes and leads meetings with partners.
8. Determine appropriate responses to inquiries from the public.

Requirements Profile: Identify any specific experience or requirements, such as a licensure, registration, or certification, which may be necessary to perform the functions of the position. Position-specific requirements should be consistent with a Special Requirement or other criteria identified in the classification specification covering this position. Example: Experience using Java; Professional Engineer License


OTHER: Must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards, published in the Code of Federal Regulations, 36 CFR Part 61.

Licenses, registrations, or certifications:




Essential Functions
: Provide a list of essential functions for this position. Example: Transports boxes weighing up to 60 pounds.
 1. Coordinate preservation planning activities
 2. Manage projects effectively and meet deadlines
 3. Establish and maintain productive working relationships
 4. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
 5. Organize and conduct meetings and trainings
 6. Work independently
 7. Work across PA SHPO program areas
 8. Use a personal computer and associated software
 9. Lift and move up to 20 pounds
 10. Travel as required