Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Position Number:  00262721

Description Activated On:  4/4/2024 3:40:17 PM

Position Purpose:
Describe the primary purpose of this position and how it contributes to the organizationís objectives. Example: Provides clerical and office support within the Division to ensure its operations are conducted efficiently and effectively. 

Under the general supervision of a professional supervisor in the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BBVS) District Office, is responsible for providing a full range of rehabilitation services to individuals who are blind/visually impaired. Services are designed to assist individuals in their homes and communities to work and maintain independent lives.

Description of Duties:
Describe in detail the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Descriptions should include the major end result of the task. Example: Types correspondence, reports, and other various documents from handwritten drafts for review and signature of the supervisor.

Promotes optimal personal and social adjustment to blindness, leading to self-sufficiency and independent living and contributing to the customer's rehabilitation process through instruction and consultation.

Assesses customers referred for Orientation and Mobility by collecting and reviewing reports/information, conferring with staff, interviewing customers, observing current level of functioning to develop an individualized plan of instruction and/or make referral for appropriate services.

Develops an individualized service plan that contains a schedule of instruction based on objectives/recommendations and in coordination with the Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living, and Social Services plan.

Selects appropriate instructional equipment, including cane, low vision and electronic travel aids and assistive technology by evaluating customer needs, motivation, and potential for use to enhance individual capabilities for independent travel.

Provides sequence of individualized/group instruction by implementing experience-based learning activities and supervised practice of techniques to ensure the customer's attainment of optimum independence.

Monitors customer progress by evaluating achievement to ensure that the customer benefits from instruction, leading to successful closure.

Reinforces customer skill development by providing supportive counseling relevant to Orientation and Mobility to the customer and customerís family.

Obtains current information on Orientation and Mobility techniques and developments by reviewing relevant materials and trends.

Participates in conferences and training to enhance individual and statewide teaching practices and instructions.

Supports staff regarding community programs and facilities by providing consultations and trainings.

Promotes cultural awareness and educational background amongst community partners and facilities who serve individuals who are blind and visually impaired on how to live safely and independently.

Provides information, consultation, and in-service training to staff of provider agencies, nursing homes, hospitals and community facilities in order to assist them in meeting the needs of those who are blind and visually impaired.

Utilizes a web-based application to access participants referred for Orientation and Mobility Instruction.

Gathers customer information by using Comprehensive Workforce Development Systems (CWDS).

Develops and maintains electronic case file, including case progress notes, assessments, plans, closure reports, fiscal expenditures, etc.

Assumes the secondary case managers within CWDS with real-time access to the online cases.

Performs special projects and other duties as assigned by the Supervisor and/or District Administrator.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Decision Making:
Describe the types of decisions made by the incumbent of this position and the types of decisions referred to others. Identify the problems or issues that can be resolved at the level of this position, versus those that must be referred to the supervisor. Example: In response to a customer inquiry, this work involves researching the status of an activity and preparing a formal response for the supervisorís signature.

Determines whether medical clearance needs to be obtained prior to customer participating in Orientation and Mobility Instruction.

Determines with customer the appropriate amount and type of training required.

Determines with input from the customer the safest routes for travel.

Determines with input from customer appropriate mobility items to recommend for purchase.

Schedules appointments, meetings, and trainings.

Requirements Profile: Identify any specific experience or requirements, such as a licensure, registration, or certification, which may be necessary to perform the functions of the position. Position-specific requirements should be consistent with a Special Requirement or other criteria identified in the classification specification covering this position. Example: Experience using Java; Professional Engineer License


Licenses, registrations, or certifications:




Essential Functions
: Provide a list of essential functions for this position. Example: Transports boxes weighing up to 60 pounds.
 1. Adheres to agency policies, procedures, guidelines, and program handbooks.
 2. Works with children and adults who are blind/visually impaired.
 3. Analyzes information, interviews, and assesses customer needs.
 4. Develops individual service plans for instruction and recommends adaptive equipment.
 5. Provides instruction to customers in individual and group settings.
 6. Travels independently in and out of the district office.
 7. Communicates with co-workers, customers, and other agencies, including making referrals to other support services.
 8. Participates in agency public relations programs and fosters community relationships.
 9. Providers supportive counseling.
 10. Uses web-based case management system.